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Countless businesses have been built on the backs of Baby Boomer consumers—that cohort born between 1946 and 1964.

Many marketers wrongly assumed that as Baby Boomers moved towards traditional retirement age that they would ride off into the sunset, clip coupons, read their 401k statements, and cease to be the dynamic economic force they had been for decades.

There were at least two fallacies in that thinking. First, Baby Boomers aren’t modeling the Great Generation—their parents’ generation. (They never have for that matter. Think the 60’s. ) And, a significant consequence of that is they don’t consider age 50, 60, even 70 as old. Second, the world recession of 2008/2009 resulted in a tremendous loss of wealth for Baby Boomers and intensified the real need for them to stay engaged and earn to offset those losses. The ride off into the sunset won’t happen for 20 years, if ever.

So what’s the problem? A 70 million plus, identifiable consumer market is out there with years of spending ahead.

The problem is that many companies and marketers enamored with marketing to Millennials overlook the foundational and still fertile Baby Boomer market, or even worse they try to force fit Millennial marketing strategy and programming on Baby Boomers. One is plainly shortsighted. The other is far from optimally effective.

The consulting practice of Tave Campbell exists to address just this conundrum.

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Tave’s writings are the result of countless past and current interactions with Baby Boomers in his work to understand both the joys and frustrations of their lives. Some of it is light, some much more serious. But all try to reveal insights that can make life more fulfilling for Baby Boomers.

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